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If you remember, Love Begins.. was first blogged up here in March! Sandra (it is now safe to mention the names, since the package has arrived safely with the proud owners) told me her story, and how the love begins – thus the name of the dolls – with Oliver and her in the most bizarre way!

Accordingly, she had wanted to own a doll made by me for the longest time, and when she saw the tortoise doll that I made in a friend’s shop, she was more determined to get one for herself.

Sandra is one of the brightest girl I have met, she is quick witted, highly intelligent, and her creativity juice may flood a giant tank within milliseconds! She loved the Old Couple in Love Boat that I designed, but she wanted something that she could relate better with her own love story. We discussed on and I came up with Love Begins…

I have been working on artwork very slowly, because my eyes are very irritated lately – probably due to the poor air condition blown over from our neighboring countries again – and I am refraining from working long span of time on the screen. I had planned to do up the artwork of the Love Begins.. since the completion of the dolls, so I decided to follow through the plan. The couple received a complimentary personalized bottle opener and pocket mirror in the package. I hope they like them.

testing testing...

She wanted something practical and functional for Oliver, and the initial plan was to have the dolls sewn on the heart pillow, so that it can be placed on the dashboard of the car, and holds their sunshades. Since I was given such a luxury long period of time to work on this project (believe me, I was constantly thinking about this project since March!), I made a heart pillow, tried several methods – such as making it flatter, wider, dented in the middle, made loops for the shades’ to loop through etc – but wasn’t pleased with the outcomes.

After much trials and errors, I proposed the tissue cozy to Sandra. It’s completely practical and functional, and even other passengers get to be greeted by these little ones.

This is something to commemorate their first love anniversary.

**Shouting out to Sandra and Oliver** Happy Anniversary, and may more sweet anniversaries ahead!!

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