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If you have suffered from sever slipped disc, which inflicts unbearable pain to your back regardless of any position you are in (including sitting, walking, lying down, standing.. I mean.. any position), and takes up to more than 30 minutes – no kidding – to roll yourself out of the bed in the morning, you know you will want to protect that back of yours.

My back problem doesn’t just stop there, but well, I am doing all I can to prevent the condition from deteriorating. When I work on wedding orders, which sometimes land me in a most awkward position for a long period of time, I double-strapped my waist in with the corset. One with advanced lumbar support, the other is more like a surgical corset. You have no idea how uncomfortable it may be for me when I am doing some labor intensive work in the tropical summer weather! My waist area will itch for days after that.

Recently (alright, it’s more than a month ago), while I was out with Mike to catch a movie, we passed by the pharmacy and saw this back support that can be easily attached to most standard chairs. I tried sitting on it, and hey, it felt quite good, better than other attachable back support devices I had before. As a matter of fact, my chair has a lumbar back support design, and I must say, it’s probably more a ‘pay more’ design rather than practicability.

My birthday is more than 3 months away, and Mike was already planning for a birthday present more than a month ago! I decided to have this for my birthday present. If you knew me better, and heard me telling the story that I traded a Rolex for a Baby G, you shouldn’t be surprised now that I am trading in the SLR lens for this back support. I am really a very ‘affordable’ and practical wife, am I not?

I am using this for weeks now, and I have to say that it really works. I believe the pressure on the back is better distributed, hence lesser pain episodes is experienced. The holey design is brilliant too, imagine sitting for hours with a plastic solid back support blocking any air from your back, my sensitive skin may flare up bad. This feels airy and it sort of ‘grab’ the back really well.

Check out the back support at orthoback.

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