wedding dolls – custom

carrying you in my arms..
carrying in my arms.. we enter a new phase in life

You already know that we offer colors customization, and occasional requests of custom designs. What you are about to see is new, I mean NEW!

The design is not new, I did a new wedding doll design a while back – which I can’t remember when, I have low ability to remember dates – and this is a Special custom order for Asian couples, with the bride wearing red gown instead of the usual white.

we are all blessed and happy

Now that I placed the original set of Matt and Lindsay that has my signature mini style with the custom dolls. It’s not difficult to notice the size difference!

‘Mummy! I blew up the dolls!’ Right, the NEW and SPECIAL is that this pair of wedding couple is intended to be tied to the car front, so my original barely 7cm tall dolls are a tad too tiny to be seen on the car. We don’t want to cause any traffic accidents with too many other road users slowing down to try to figure out what the tiny little cuties are on the car, do we?

This set of custom dolls measure approximately 16cm tall from ground to the groom’s head; and about 17cm tall from ground to the head of the bride.

WIP - the happy groom waiting to be assembled

If you still have problem trying to get a hint of the size of the doll… I am an average sized Asian woman, with not too large, and not too small hands. When I clenched my hand into a fist, the head of the groom is actually larger (if not equivalent) than my fist!

I have been in this business since 2006, and have been designing amigurumi/crochet dolls since early 2007. I adore mini dolls, and I specialize in designing small dolls. I have received many requests to make larger sized dolls, thus far, this is the first request I accept.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I value and appreciate weddings. Every wedding is very unique and special to me, I would rather lose some businesses than to mess up anyone’s wedding. It took me this long to feel very confident (yes, confident is not good enough for me, I need to be VERY confident before I accept a custom order) to attempt to blow up the size this huge.

The great thing about my work, I design my dolls, and I understand fully why the design is done the way it is, every details have been considered to achieve certain result that I imagined. I take a great deal of pride in the work I do. It’s not just adding a few more stitches, a few more rows, it’s.. do, redo, undo, hit my head on the wall, pull out some of my hair.. (fine, this is exaggerated expression) just a lot of efforts.

I usually need a day to finish a pair of mini sized dolls; I used 3 days to complete this pair of large dolls.

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