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free crochet coaster pattern

I have a huge problem, if you haven’t realized. I tend to make myself busier than busy, perhaps that, is what is commonly known as ‘joy of work’? I am happily busy, and busily happy. Either way, it cannot be a bad thing.

As the scheduled holiday approaches, my mood is very much lifted up! How about sharing this joy, what say you?

I whipped up a big stack of coasters in a single day, while waiting for order confirmation here and there. It was really impromptu, and Cyndi, one of my best customers, must be given the due credit for my sudden urge to do up this pattern. She is recently shifting her addiction from amigurumi doll making, to coaster making. She just bought a bunch of Bouquet cotton yarns from me, and she is still waiting for me to come up with the washcloth pattern, so that she could buy ASAP.

While working half way with the washcloth pattern, I had a change of interest too! It must be the season of change now. Having Cyndi in mind, I came up with a slightly different coaster design, from that of the square coaster, and offering it as free pattern in my webstore.

The cotton yarns that are offered in the store is a Japanese fine quality mercerized cotton yarn. What’s special about this yarn that I can’t stop talking about? The strand is almost braided, it makes stitches a lot neater and even. Mercerized cotton yarn gives out a sheen on the surface, which adds a beautiful texture to the finished projects. I definitely love the yarn.

Download a copy of the free pattern at saplanet originals webstore now. Can’t crochet? I have listed the bunch of coasters up too, as always, you can play up with different color combination in the custom listings.

stack of joy - crochet coaster
mood brightening coaster

I love coasters, mainly because I hate watermarks left on the desk. I drink hot coffee in the morning, and thereafter, it’s cold boiled water throughout the day. The water droplets from the condensation can really be a mood spoiler when it gets to your paperwork, or creates mess on the work desk.

Coaster, just like my drinking mug, has a mood lifting effect on me, especially with the luxury to switch out colors as and when I like.

stack of joy - crochet coaster

This, is what I call, ‘stack of simple joy’. The coaster pattern is very simple to follow, and I’ve added a page of pictorial guide too. The pattern includes 2 sizes of coaster.

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  1. Lisa
    April 1, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    Awesome pattern! Thank you!

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