newsletter – 08 July 2009

newsletter in bright colors

I am in such a bright sunny mood – despite the dark cloudy weather now – that I did up the newsletter in bright colors!

I am not completely certain if you get the newsletter in your mailbox, there seemed to be some kinks while I send the newsletter off; and please don’t be upset if you have received duplicate copies.

The highlight in this issue is none other than the Sunny Coaster, which I now named it Sunshine Coaster. I have a few crafters downloaded the pattern and done up a few already! Thank you for letting me know, I am really glad that you are finding the pattern it easy to follow!

The next important announcement is the Vacation Notice. I take this opportunity to remind shoppers of the no shipping period. This should allow ample time for you to plan your shopping with us and have the purchases shipped out before I leave.

It is very likely that I will be sending out electronic products (patterns) as usual, since the hotel I am booking into is offering complimentary wi-fi internet access. Then again, to be on the safe side, I am stating to allow 48 hrs for pattern delivery, in case I play too hard, or too well rested that I don’t login to check my mails eh.

NO SHIPPING PERIOD (22 – 28 July 2009) 
Physical products that require postage services
Orders received on/after 22 July 2009, will be shipped within 3 biz days from 28 July 2009.
* shipping date may stretch depending on the volume of orders collected during the vacation.
Electronic products (patterns) delivered electronically
Please allow up to 48 hrs for patterns to be sent electronically, instead of the usual 24 hrs.

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