killing two birds with one stone

I am getting ready for holiday, if you haven’t heard me said too much about this since last week or longer.

I received an email from hotelscombined last month inviting me to try out on their hotels search engine. Now, what has this got to do with my crafting business, you ask. The fun and interesting part is that they are inviting me to blog up a post on this service and just by doing that, they are contributing USD20 to my preferred choice of charity organization.

They have noticed that I have opened up a Charity Section in my store, in hope to contribute all proceeds to World Vision, and this charity organization is one of the beneficiaries in this program. (click below image to visit the charity program)

‘Why not?’, I asked myself. I promised to try the search engine out when my bulk orders are completed. Honestly, any posts that are not directly relevant to my own crafts, including my purchases from other crafters, are only blogged up when I have tried the services or products myself.

My craftblog fetches an average of 350 unique visitors per day, I am not taking any chance to bore my visitors.

Chloe, who contacted me took time to explain to me in great length about this wonderful program, I know it is not robot who corresponded with me, because she tackled each of my queries in details. I will be able to view the receipts of contribution after the month, when the beneficiary churns out the receipt to hotelscombined.

There are many ways to participate in this program, just visit the page and see which method best suit you.

I am finally able to try the service out. In fact, I have not booked my hotel yet, this just came timely for me. I tried out the search, and it’s extremely easy to use, as the interface is very user friendly. The search result is derived from the various very popular hotel reservation sites, and how wonderful to be able to browse through my options in a glance!

I could select to view the prices in my own currency, filter price range, narrow down to star rating, and even search by hotel name, if I already have some recommendations from friends.

At present, after comparing the prices, I have booked for a room, and waiting for confirmation!


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