coasters for the boy and myself

golden clarity - coaster
high contrast coaster for the boy

golden clarity - coaster
coaster for the boy

I know I have been posting about coasters. I am slipping into the holiday mood already!

This project is so easy to do, it is hard to stop! After I made the last coaster for myself, it ended up on the boy’s desk. I decided to make him a new one so that he can lay his hands off mine.

I like how the hight contrasting colors turn out. Never quite a fan of black and blue, but I have to say, I like what I see. The boy likes his new coaster.

For the coaster with white trimming, I named it Golden Clarity. The last three rounds are made with cream, yellow, and white, and the yellow somewhat appears goldie to me. I now have 2 colorful coasters for myself, to switch between.

For those of you who missed out the previous post, this coaster pattern is complimentary for download, you may get it at the ‘free patterns‘ section at our webstore.

The pattern includes 2 sizes, and these two are the larger size.

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