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happily married...

happily married...
happily married...

This set of wedding dolls is a custom order for Yonnie. This is another set of enlarged dolls based on the design of Dilian and Mayee; however, the hairstyle of the bride is changed to that of Lindsay’s.

I am guessing that Yonnie is expecting to have a updo hairstyle on her wedding day, elegant and neat.

large or tiny, they are all happily married...

The dolls are blown up to approximately 15-16cm tall, as requested. This is probably the best ideal size to enlarge dolls to. Any larger may compromise the cuteness, don’t you think?

Most of my dolls are designed to be tiny – look at the small wedding dolls placed in the front for comparison – and enlarging dolls doesn’t just involve multiplying the stitches (you may try doing that, and I guarantee that you won’t ever get the exact same proportion that my enlarged dolls turn out to be), but to consider all details and ensure that the final output is proportional. Most importantly, I believe that you like my dolls because you like the style of my design, and I want to make sure that regardless the sizes, the dolls must carry with them the signature style of my original design.

I love the bow tie I made for the large groom doll!

My dolls are not overly accessorized because the beauty of simplicity is ‘less is more’, it has the magical power to withstand the test of time, and remains as elegant as it is designed to be. That said, it’s really individual’s preference, I dressed simple for my own wedding, so you get the drift that I belong to the minimalist.

I really love the dolls.. really! I hope Yonnie loves them too.

I finished the groom first, and when I was in the process of making the bride, Mike picked up the groom and pretended that the groom was looking for his lovely bride. After a while, he said something like ‘hey, no matter what happens, the groom is still very blissfully happy!’.

There is a reason why I love my own wedding dolls so much – apart from being a narcissistic, that is – they are always blissfully happy! Marriage is not always a bed of roses, it comes with its fair share of challenges and difficulties along the way. However, if we always remember that blissful smile we had on the special that we exchanged life-time vows of love, we are able to take on any challenge ahead of the journey and come out of it being stronger, if not unscathed.

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  1. krista
    June 8, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    Pls advise how much is the set of wedding dolls?

    • June 9, 2012 at 11:05 AM

      Hi there, regrettably, this series is no longer offered. You may wish to consider our available collection at http://simpleartsplanet.com/Wedding-Dolls, the prices are stated in the product description. We are currently not accepting new orders due to overwhelming orders. The earliest possible slot to make the order is October.

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