east meets west wedding dolls

when the east meets west

when the east meets west
when the east meets west

when the east meets west

When the East meets West, the sky sparkles with bursts of lovely fireworks, and all love doves gather to sing beautiful tunes to celebrate the joyous union of the couple!

The girl with the Japanese heritage; while the boy comes from the West. When the dear Cupid releases his love arrow, it brings loving union to the lovely couple.

This pair of wedding dolls are custom order. A very thoughtful gift for the best friend, who finds her true love.

They are on their way to Germany now, with such preciousness, the package goes with registered airmail service + express service* + insurance.

* express service – it’s an additional service on top of the registered service (available to certain destinations only), according to SingPost site, this small fee which adds to the postage fee, makes the package ‘priority’ when it arrives at the destination. (I actually had to ‘educate’ the post office of this service’s availability as per stated in their official website!)

I have this package insured for additional S$5.00 because the registered service has a limited indemnity of up to S$68 in the event of unforeseen eventuality. That is not quite enough to cover for the cost of these dolls, is it?

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