crystal maiden, pisko squirrel, and bluko penguin (custom)

So, a story came off from this group of lovelies. I have absolutely no idea what the buyer has in mind about them, but this is my story about them.

Since crystal girl is a heroine in the virtual gaming world, I reckon, the super power will always remain with her, despite the different hair and cape color. This crystal girl is blessed with a gift, she is able to wands the power of peace with that crystal spear she holds. She doesn’t destroy, she makes peace.

Pisko, is the sweet and playful squirrel, crystal girl found him one day when she was out for a ‘peace-making’ mission. She loves him the minute she saw him, snuggling in a bunch of dry leaves. Since he loves to play with the crystal spear, he decides to follow her wherever she goes.

Bluko, the sweet and charming penguin doesn’t always see things eye to eye wih pisko, but they are buddies most of the time. Bluko joined the group the latest. It was probably destiny that brings crystal girl to the north of the world, and while bluko mistook the crystal spear as a precious ice cube, he clung on to the spear. That was the first time pisko sparkled up his green eyed jealousy when he thought crystal girl liked bluko better.

Oh well, with crystal girl’s talent to mediate even the worst differences, that trivial jealousy issue was a piece of cake. Just a few magical movement, all things are good. They live happily ever after…

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