wedding magnet – elslyn and jonse

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wedding magnet - elslyn and jonse
wedding magnet - elslyn and jonse

I could only imagine the love story. Elslyn is the no-fuss, no-hassle bride, it is extremely easy to work the artwork coordination with her. I would think that she is a very decisive person who doesn’t sweat the small stuffs, yet meticulous enough to spot the details and express accurately of her expectations.

PJ took the initiative to make some changes to the colors which better match the background and ‘mannerism’ of the couple illustration. Since colors are very personal, I presented both versions to Elslyn, and with an open mind, Elslyn accepts the changes.

I guess Benjamin Shear’s bridge must have meant something special for this lovely couple, and I am confident that their journey together ahead will be a loving and blissful one.

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