quackie, the royal duckling (amigurumi doll)

quackie, the royal duckling

quackie, the royal duckling
quackie, the royal duckling

Quackie is crowned as the Royal Duckling, because of his high harvested value in Farmville (where the inspiration of this design derives from). Despite his royalty status, he remains humble and amiable.

Since he is such a precious little duckling, standing at approximately 5.5cm (2.15″) tall, I use the Deluxe acrylic yarn to make most of his body parts. The colors are just so pretty!

Quackie is now available in finished doll, pattern, and project kit.

I must have mentioned so many times, if not too frequently, that I am hooked on a facebook game – Farmville, developed by zynga.

The main reason to play this game was and still is, because my family and relatives are playing it. Believe it, this game bridge the gap between 3 generations. Mike is also playing this game because he wanted to give me gifts from farmville, now, he is ranked amongst the top farmers in my neighbor list!

The graphics in this game is so well done, every farm animals are so adorable! I already have most of the farm animals in my amigurumi design collection, and I didn’t have a duck yet. Based on the duck in Farmville, I design this royal duckling!

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