the white vampie (halloween design)

vampie in stylo white hair

vampie in stylo white hair
vampie in stylo white hair

vampie in stylo white hair

If you are familiar with the Japanese comic ‘One Piece‘, there is one episode dedicating to the recruiting of the new pirate crew ‘King of Liars – Usopp‘. The episode is highlighting on the background of this prospective pirate, and in this episode, there is a Sheep Servant – Merry, who serves a wealthy family and caring for Kaya, a very ill wealthy girl.

When I was making the fairer version of Vampie Vampire, the white hair reminds me of Merry, the sheep servant! Therefore, I pushed the protruding hair corners to the top instead of the sides.

I really love vampie!!!!

To distinguish the White Vampie away from the original Red Vampie, I am giving White Vampie a character of his own. White Vampie is a very gentle vampire, completely different from Red Vampie, he is very low profile, even the hair says otherwise. He is a vegetarian, and his favorite drink is tomato juice with a slight mix of carrot juice. He adores tea-houses and probably owns the only night tea-house in the community, where he would brew tea and chat the night away, in a somewhat serene ambience.

Almost all our dolls are washable, but I wouldn’t advise daily wash, or on a regular basis. Yarns, like any fabric, may suffer gradual color fade if you wash it with harsh detergent on a regular basis.

Refer to our tips and care for step-by-step guidelines. We have tried that method out for our dolls, and the dolls still look deliciously good.

3 comments for “the white vampie (halloween design)

  1. Shirley Lim
    September 26, 2009 at 8:10 PM

    Oh mind… he’s really cute. Vegetarian and owns a night tea-house. Now I know where to go during the nights =)

    • September 26, 2009 at 8:13 PM

      Although he doesn’t turn out to be count von count, but he turns out pretty nicely too..hahaha.. The tea house is usually packed, but for you, Shirley, he can always usher you into the VIP area. hahaha

  2. Shirley Lim
    September 26, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    VIP for me! Wow… thanks.

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