wedding dolls for MT and JB

wedding dolls for MT & JB

wedding dolls for MT & JB
wedding dolls for MT & JB

It is specially requested for the groom to be dressed in black since he is going to be the Groom in Black on the wedding day. Instead of a necktie, he wears a bow-tie in blue. The bride’s hair accessory is in lighter shade of blue.

This pair of wedding dolls are originally named ‘Matt and Lindsay’.

Don’t shy away from choosing whites for your wedding dolls from saplanet originals. Our wedding dolls are made with all yarns, and the parts are hand-sewn together. The benefit of having a full yarn wedding doll is that you don’t have to display the pretty dolls in the plastic packaging in the display closet. Hang them up in your car, carry them in your bag etc, if you are worried that the dolls get soiled overtime, just place the dolls in a cloth-bag and seal the opening up with a string, toss into the washer. They dry out pretty quickly.

Almost all our dolls are washable, but I wouldn’t advise daily wash, or on a regular basis. Yarns, like any fabric, may suffer gradual color fade if you wash it with harsh detergent on a regular basis.

Refer to our tips and care for step-by-step guidelines. We have tried that method out for our dolls, and the dolls still look deliciously good.

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