Say I DO everyday to the special someone…

say I DO

say I DO
say I DO

I try to keep my word even though I am still not fully recovered. ‘I DO’ love coasters are up in the store now.

I made this set with a ‘layering’ frills. I guess I can use some colors to brighten up sick days. Customization is available too. You may either keep the ‘I Do’ text, or to switch them out and include one alphabet on each coaster (refer to instruction in shop listing). Only one single alphabet is allowed for each coaster due to constraint of space.

This would be perfect for newly weds, or any couple who is renewing the vows, or a perfect gift for a dear friend who is getting married.

Work is slower now, because I could barely work for this whole week. The high fever, the lethargy caused by the medication, and the unbearable pain whenever I swallow anything (including my own saliva) caused me to sleep through the first few days of the week. I then worked the Angel Belle for a dear friend, which took extra more hours to complete because I was doing things in slow motion. hah!

Please remember to check on the Vacation Notice for non-shipping period.

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