meow meow goes holiday…

meow meow goes holiday

I made a small pocket compartment on the inside of the cover, so that I can easily slip in the boarding pass ends neatly. It’s always frustrating to fish around the large carry-in bag for the tiny pass end, when you are about to make payment at the DFS counters and you could easily sense the piercing stares that the other shoppers throw at you while you do the fishing.

meow meow goes holiday
meow meow goes holiday

Believe me when I say I love cats. For some meow reasons, I selected this printed fabric to make into passport cover for me rather sparkling new passport (yes, it’s been renewed quite recently. ‘Recent’ in my context is within 2 years’ span, so go figure).

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday hand-sewing the cover. Don’t even ask why I didn’t use the sewing machine, I do have a neat machine which mum bought to replace her faithful old Singer machine when we moved here. I decide that it’s too much trouble to set up the machine which is usually tucked in one corner of the storeroom when not in use, and that it’s more troublesome to thread the thread all over again, and then keep the machine after use.

It’s a little crazy, however, to have to spend that many hours (from bright day light, till almost dark at night) sewing this simple cover. It might be well worth the time to set up the machine after all. The stitches would be more steadfast, and neat. All the sewing could be done under 2 hours time. What was I thinking?

So, this is not a perfect cover, but it’s pretty functional (at this point) eh? I will be carrying these happy cats out for holiday very soon (I am on a super holiday mood right now, can you tell?) and let’s hope my sewing skill is good enough to hold everything in place.

New updates on Vacation Notice will be made soon. I have just confirmed one trip for early next year, and might just confirm another trip a month before the confirmed trip. Ollie!! I am so excited about holidays, it seem like the key reason why I work my butt off everyday. It’s motivational and good for the soul and spirit!

2 comments for “meow meow goes holiday…

  1. cyn
    October 13, 2009 at 2:51 PM

    Lis, you should make (machine-sewn) and sell these passport holders on Etsy!

    Enjoy your holiday!!

    • October 13, 2009 at 2:54 PM

      Hey Cyn! I am certain I will enjoy the holiday, but can’t say for sure to make and sell machine-sewn passport holders..hahaha..Then again, you are always better in judgment, I will seriously consider!

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