customized wedding magnet – co & jo

wedding magnet - co & jo

Josephine’s sister first established contact with us, at that point, I was trying to clear all my outstanding orders before taking off for a well deserved hols (of course, any holiday is well deserved eh?).

My schedule was getting a little tight by then, so I wanted to be certain that I would be able to complete her order in time.

wedding magnet - co & jo

She is an amazing person! Probably one of the most polite brides I have encountered by far, and the gracefulness could be felt between the words in her email correspondences.

I would always advise the couple to leave the last few weeks to a month before the special day free, that period of time is usually the time when all the small stuffs come in. If we congest the schedule too tightly, we may find it a little too taxing to manage. Wedding is a beautiful event, we should be able to enjoy our special day with joy and laughter, who needs more stress?

My sincerest blessings to the couple, and wish them every joy and happiness in this new journey.

The artwork is chosen from the mix ‘n match images in our gallery, artwork design and copyright credit to PJ.



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