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amigrumi rabbit and tortoise (tortoise and hare fable)

amigrumi rabbit and tortoise (tortoise and hare fable)
amigrumi rabbit and tortoise (tortoise and hare fable)

I love how Vincent coordinates the colors for these two little ones, bright, and cheerful. These are perfect for brightening anyone’s mood, I know mine is lifted up while making them!

They will both be wearing a choker, which I have forgotten to tie on before taking the photos. Hey, I’m sure you could cut me some slack on that.

This reminds me of the Tortoise and Hare fable. and some years ago, I made a pair of BunBun rabbit and TorGri tortoise for a friend on his birthday while he was studying abroad. Naturally, anything that comes from me, comes with a slight ‘twist’ too. I love the moral of fable, but I prefer to have an ending that completes in a full and nice circle. I made a mini booklet that tells the fable, only that the story ends with the tortoise and rabbit becoming good friends.

That set was made in encouragement to a good friend, letting him know that he was not falling behind the stream. Let’s learn from our opponent/competitor, and not make foe but add new friends. At the end of the day, every episode in our life may be shorter than we could image, so cherish each episode with kindness and love.

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