[happy coasters] gift some colors…

a stack of happy colors

My friends are ‘complaining’ that I am too busy, and that my fb status are frequently plastered with heavy emphasis on my busy work schedules, and worst of all, the ever ‘rushing out orders’ statement. 😛

What can I tell you? I am indeed truly terribly packed in schedule, and I still have a bunch of dolls cooking half way in the pot. I respect my friends’ feedback though, and I honestly appreciate the frankness, because it’s a flag up that others might feel the same way about it, and I am actually risking friends filtering out from their feed. That would be sad.

My friends didn’t mean to offend me, but being very honest and good friends, they meant it the good way. True enough, I have turned on the ‘hide’ feature to block out some friends already, because these friends are not talking about anything else but rushing out orders and how busy they have been, it is indeed true that it is getting annoying. 😛

spread of happy coasters...

I spent a day making this stack of happy coasters, happy because the colors are so vibrant and when placed together, it’s difficult not feel brightened up. Colors have ability to heal, don’t they?

spread of happy coasters

I took some photos today, with proper photographing setup, but I want to take the photos of the coasters in stack and spread out, which obviously my busy mind hasn’t thought throught that before tucking away the setup. I took the photos on my keyboard drawer, which you may be assured that it’s clean, because the user (me) has mild OCD condition and cleans the keyboard, keyboard drawer, mouse, wrist pad, and desk with antibacterial wipes. I have just ordered in a dozen of the wipes..haha

Also.. If.. I mean.. IF I could afford some time later in the evening, I will try to edit the photos of the new supplies (new craft eyes, new craft noses, and other new supplies) and upload it to the server. I haven’t have time to do the costing yet, so I’ll need to work on that for a bit before listing them up. The box is unhappily sitting at one corner for nearly a week now, but I am just overwhelmed with work right now. If you don’t see them up today, it is likely to be tomorrow.

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  1. Shirley Lim
    December 13, 2009 at 7:34 PM

    wow! Really bright the day up with the colours =)

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