[shop updates] new design for valentine’s day, and new supplies in store!

before you know it, valentine's day is here soon

We hope to kick-start 2010 with buckets of love, in this case, ‘Mug’ of love!

Introducing our new design – Lovers in a Mug! As usual, the new design is available in Pattern; Project Kit; and Finished Product.

pssst.. we are traveling during the week of Valentine’s Day, you might want to place your order early to avoid disappointment.

Along with the new design, we have brought in more supplies, such as NEW cotton/hemp yarn from Japan; some additional new colors to existing acrylic, organic cotton, and cotton/silk yarn; new craft eyes and noses; new glasses for the dolls etc.

You won’t believe this, but I am still ‘living’ in 2009, because the work spill-over is so heavy that I am still toggling between orders, individual and bulk, wedding and customized (I really can’t afford to take up very complicated customized orders at this point, due to heavily packed work schedule), online and offline… Simply, I am still horribly busy.

You might really want to place your orders soon because I would be away from a few days before Valentine’s day (please check up the vacation notice on the top right corner of this blog, as I can’t remember the exact date now) for more than a week. Depending on how well I am coping with work, I might need to put forward an early cut-off for handmade orders.

I am very sorry for the lack of updates, I have a ton of photos to edit, and aim to have them uploaded as soon as I have cleared the orders on hands.

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