[doll supplies] spectacles for the mini dolls

mini spectacles for mini dolls

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have been searching for read-made spectacles for mini dolls forever.

You know what people say about every problem has its own solution, if not a perfect one. It’s true. I decide that i shall search no more, and make my own spectacles for the little ones instead.

In the latest newsletter, I have featured the glasses which are now in-store. I have brought in 2 new colors – Antique, and Brown. (top left from the photo) The brown looks a little reddish though.

Only the 35mm glasses are hand-formed with non-tarnish wires. The other larger glasses are factory-made.

There are a few more new supplies listed in store now, such as key chain supplies, black colored chains, gold colored chains, black jump rings etc.

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