[LNY theme crochet pattern] auspicious couple, cai cai and xi xi

[LNY theme] caicai and xixi

[LNY theme] caicai and xixi
[LNY theme] caicai and xixi

Lunar New Year is probably one of the most celebrated event amongst the Chinese. This Lunar New Year, we will be celebrating another event – Valentine’s Day!

If you are not familiar with Lunar New Year (and I’d better know better!), we celebrate for 15-days, and in Singapore, the first two days of Lunar New Year are public holidays, whereas the new year’s eve is usually a half day, if not full day non-working day too. LNY’s eve is a big day too, it’s the day whereby most people rush home to have reunion dinner, just to be together.

We have many traditions, and I have to confess that I don’t know all of them, I may not even know most of them. What I do know, is that we are ‘trained’ to bring mandarin oranges when we visit friends/relatives’ home. It is considered rude not to bring them. We would exchange the oranges with the hosts and say auspicious greetings. If unmarried, we could expect to receive red packets (which contain cash, yes, real hard cash) from the married people. (regardless of your age, as long as you are unmarried, you are eligible to receive red packets, if you are not too shy to accept them, that is)

I have designed and made this pair of auspicious couple in the auspicious color – red! The mothers would love this pair!!! Dressed in fire cracker red, looking so sincerely joyful, I bet they might just bring you good luck!

Cai Cai and Xi Xi are available individually; and in set (small savings when you buy set)
Check out the amigurumi pattern section now.

May the Year of Tiger brings about a more manageable financial year for us, and a joyous journey through.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
(It’s really well wishes, and commonly used greetings, wishing the person with wealth, prosperity!)

[amigurumi designs by saplanet originals]

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