[newsletter] auspicious couple, baby booties pattern, and special announcement

shop updates before holiday

Alas, I have to put off new yarn colors (acrylic) update till end of the week, or when I return from holiday.

Apart from introducing the new auspicious couple, Cai Cai & Xi Xi, and the new pattern for baby booties James, there is another important announcement in this issue of our newsletter.

We now have a new turnaround schedule for different products in various categories. In fact, this is in effect for a week now, I just couldn’t roll out the newsletter soon enough.

Electronic products (patterns) are not affected as I am still shelving a fraction of my morning work schedule to send out all the patterns via email, and steal some time very now and then between tasks to send off email when the orders arrive in the day.

Handcrafted, made-to-order, customized products, are however, the most affected categories. The turnaround time is now 5-7 working days before shipping out. Please please order early, because I would be sticking to this schedule quite strictly so that I stop being overworked and mess up the work schedule.

Supplies, kits, and ready made products, are not exactly affected too. I still try to pack and ship within 3 working days, which as a matter of fact, the orders are usually packed and dispatched for shipping within 1 working day.

Good news: With the new turnaround schedule, I should be expecting more manageable fluid time table, so that I could resume with designing more patterns.

Bad news: The current work schedule is fully taken up with orders, and any new orders under the categories of handcrafted, MTO, and customized products, will only be scheduled to be handmade after I return from holiday, which will take place from 09 Feb to 20 Feb. I am terribly sorry about this.

Our homepage has a new icon which will lead you to the ‘current turnaround time’ page (it’s also the vacation notice page). This page will be regularly updated to reflect as closely to my actual work schedule.

#Wedding favors are not mentioned here, because wedding favors has its own unique lead time, to begin with.

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