[amigurumi toy] bunbun rabbit

baby bunny rabbit

This little cutie BunBun is made together with Colorful TorGri, before I left for Darwin holiday. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it was out of good faith that I accepted that order. I placed myself in the maddest rush ever, and nearly forgotten to apply for the Electronic Travel Authority because of the super rush. Without the ETA, I would be refused in entering Australia, and I would cry myself silly for a long time..!

Of course, there is no regret, even though I have to cancel the order due to payment difficulty on the buyer’s part.

When you look into the somewhat innocent eyes of this little sweetie, you know he has a great deal of sweet stories to tell you.

Little BunBun is ready to be shipped once adopted, and he is only available in our etsy store.

[saplanet’s etsy store]

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