happily every after wedding dolls

happily ever after...

‘There is no one moment from now on that I worry, life is already a bed of roses with you by my side, always’

Yonnie, the gorgeous (and I am not just saying, she is really beautiful!) bride had the enlarged wedding couple sent to the florist to make into part of their wedding car decoration. She is very kind to share that she received many compliments from friends and relatives about it.

... as the new journey begins

It is perfectly and tastefully decorated. This pair of wedding couple is a representation of the actual wedding couple. Having this pair of dolls decorated on a blossoming bed of roses signifies a beautiful and loving beginning. Truly, this is a happily ever after marriage.

happily married...

Thank you very much, Yonnie, for sharing the photos with me.

Photos compliments of Yonnie.

[crocheted wedding dolls by saplanet originals]

2 comments for “happily every after wedding dolls

  1. Lslyn
    June 14, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    Appreciate if you can give me a quote on the above couple doll (ready-made). TIA!

    • June 16, 2011 at 12:33 PM

      Hi there, thank you for the comment.

      We don’t have any ready-made wedding dolls at this point, and we don’t usually keep inventory for most of our dolls too, since they are mostly customized and made-to-order. This pair of dolls is discontinued. The new designs are available at http://simpleartsplanet.com. Select the large dolls, or run a search for ‘wedding dolls’ (without the quote) on the top right hand corner of our online shop.

      Please refer to the turnaround time and order schedule for estimated turnaround time, as we are currently still overwhelmed with orders, we encourage buyers to refer to the order schedule to have a better idea when your order will be processed and scheduled for making.

      Reference: http://simpleartsplanet.com/vacation-notice-turnaround-time

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