[shop updates] introducing ‘marry me’ new design, and giveaway promotion!

[shop updates] and promotion!

I might just disappear into silence for a bit, and I know this is not uncommon, and I am really sorry about my lack of updates, I will try to keep up.

I am needing to work on a series of wedding related designs. It is a special request, and after many twists and turns (because of my travel plans and some other delays), I am finally able to do it. Thank you, Melody, for the patience, and that’s probably why I named the girl in ‘Marry Me’ as Melody.

Apart from introducing this new marriage proposal design, I am also running a promotion in our facebook fan page. I haven’t been able to do a lot with the page, and other venues for promotion, and I hope while I bury myself with work, you could keep this promotion alive and help us grow our fans size.

I am giving away the brand new pattern – only 7 patterns to be given away for FREE. If you are not a crocheter, fan us anyway, be kept in the loop first hand for our future promotions.

Do this:
+ Fan us at our facebook page
+ Leave a comment telling us why you like us, on the post titled with [FACEBOOK PROMOTION]

Promotion ends 30 April 2010 (Singapore time) inclusive.

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