[shop updates] 19 april 2010

shop updates - 19 april 2010

I know, I was supposed to be very ‘quiet’ for a while. As with any wedding stuffs, details have to be worked and reworked over and over again, and this is the fun part of the wedding preparation, yes?

Anyway, while waiting for details to be finalized, I decide to work on “Lyndi” baby girl booties, and finally gotten down to sort out part of the yarns inventory.

First off, “Lyndi” is now made into pattern and project kits; so are “James” and “Audrey”. These kits are not customizable, since I have also made another decision about my yarn inventory.

Paume Organic Cotton yarns are now on “Pre-Order” only. It means that I will clear out all my stocks (buy whatever I have now from the single yarn section) and they will only be available under “Pre-Order” condition. I am getting ready for a big move in my life, so I have decided to clear out slower moving supplies.

Pre-Order for Paume Organic Yarns (bulk discount section):
+ Minimum order of 5 balls per color
+ Turnaround time: Order below 20 balls – 3 to 4 weeks#
                               Order above 20 balls – 5 business days#
#Subject to stock availability and supplier’s delivery schedule.

The yarns that are packed in the project kits for the baby booties may change from time to time, depending on which brands/colors I am buying more to keep. You may find varying prices for the kits, this is due to different yarns packed in the kits. For now, only a few kits are available for purchase until my next procurement.

p.s.: facebook promotion is still on, and I will consolidate the comments made on the [Facebook Promotion] post and on the walls. I know some of you may not be familiar with the Facebook wall, and merely posted your comments on the wall.

p.p.s.: refer your friends to our facebook page, when we hit 500 fans mark, we will throw in a sweet something exclusive for our fans.

It is really a lot quicker and easier to post quick updates via facebook fan page, I might run most promotions on the fan page in future, rather than doing up the official newsletter which sometimes take me hours to prepare.

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