[shop updates] maintenance schedule

upgrading the cart.. while mum is out of town!

I have been trying to keep a more disciplined schedule now, in order to roll out new and ‘outstanding’ designs.

Firstly, I need to ‘train’ my mum to leave me alone with her gaming excitement, and secondly, to scoot off to the crafting room right after I finish the order processing and administrative work in the morning. It is working for me, so far.

I am trying to schedule a time slot to have “saplanet originals” main shop upgraded, but I know that this task is highly focus-intensive, and very likely to result in suddenly loss of chunks of hair, in case I mess up the upgrading process. Anyway, this is the perfect timing, because mum is out of town!!!!

Immediately, I seized this opportunity and will be beginning the upgrading tomorrow. During this time, you may experience intermittent disruption while browsing in our shop. Please pardon the virtual dust.

Keep tab of the schedule:
28 April to 30 April 2010

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