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patterns vs finished dolls

Although I really think it’s the buyer’s responsibility to know what they are buying, and checking out the terms ‘pattern’ and ‘finished dolls’, I think we, as the designers and sellers could take an extra mile, in addition to the many more extra miles already taken, by explaining (as many times as we may need to) the difference.

“Pattern” is commonly known to crafters as the design guide, or instruction guide to teach the user ‘how to’ make the project out of the instruction sheet. We do not state that as instruction sheet, because “Pattern” is the official term for such product. Patterns are usually offered with illustrations and text; in printed copies or electronic copies (in various file formats, most commonly in PDF format, and either downloadable or sent via email).

In my store, I offer the following under Amigurumi section:
+ Finished dolls – the doll handmade by the designer, Lis (aka me). Most of the buyers who buy the finished products because they do not crochet, or prefer to have the doll made by the original designer.

+ Patterns – as explained earlier, this is the instruction guide to teach buyers who wish to learn to make the project. Most crafters are self-taught. I offer free crochet basics and tips, such as magic loop, single crochet, double crochet, increasing and decreasing various stitches etc. They are available for download in the ‘tips and care’ section. You may opt to have the pattern(s) delivered to you in printed copies (with additional fee and shipping fee) or electronically in PDF format.

+ Project kits – everything you need (except for the crochet hook#) to make the project. All materials are pre-packed, so that you won’t need to go source around for the different materials which you may end up with too much balance. Kits are especially popular amongst buyers who are unable to get the exact same yarns to make the small dolls that I specialized in; or for people who want to give it a try on this new crafting hobby.

#Crochet hooks are not included in the kit, because I have considered repeated buyers who might end up with many similar crochet hooks; or crafters who already have their own favorite crochet hook and just needed the kit.

Shopping tip: In this current information overloaded era, use your favorite search engine to search for the meaning of ‘pattern’ or any terms that you are not entirely familiar with before buying. Chances are, you are more likely to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience online.

[amigurumi by saplanet originals]

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