impending changes in saplanet originals store

Some impending changes to be made to our store.

supplies - yarns section

Some of you may notice that we no longer sell single ball of yarns, but in smaller bulks of minimum 3-5 balls. It makes more sense to do this since most of the buyers choose to buy in bulk considering the justification of the shipping cost, and the structured discount.

My time is thinning with the years in business, and I am not complaining. It only means good thing since I am spending a lot of time making your orders (all the time).

I am also trying to clear up space for other new plans, hence the changes.

supplies - tools and accessories

It is possible that I might reduce the accessories in the supplies section too. The tools such as crochet hooks will remain.

project kits

Soon, customization of yarn colors will be disable for project kits. All project kits will be pre-packed. A lot of time is wasted while communicating with buyers who do not provide proper instruction, or confused by the choices. Since project kits are supposed to make things easier for buyers who want to learn to make the project, I guess there is no real need to offer more options for buyers to get too confused.

Apart from that, some yarn colors are discontinued, so I am in the midst of tidying up the chart, and the prices of the project kits may change due to the replacement of yarns from classic range to deluxe range.

supplies - eyes/noses

Eyes and noses are likely to remain, and may expand in size ranges and colors.

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