loving old couple – amigurumi dolls

growing old together

This is probably the 5-6th pair of loving old couple dolls I have made and sold. Strangely, no one requested for different colors, all the buyers have been perfectly happy with the original colors that I chose when designing this set.

growing old together

It will soon be changed though. Some colors used for this set are discontinued. The colors are:
+ hair – grey
+ grandpa’s pants – medium blue
+ grandma’s dress – pale pink

There are alternate shades to these colors though, but not the exact same shade.

My simple wish is to be able to enjoy this brief journey on earth with my significant other, till the end of time. We may sail out in our love boat at our golden age, recounting silly nothings, immerse in the slow and peaceful pace of our remaining days. The memories we share would last a life time.

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