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So, the “ready-made” (RM) category is set up, not fully stocked, since not all photos are taken/edited and uploaded.

The benefit of “ready-made” products are:
+ ready to ship – usual turnaround time applies, but as compared to MTO (made to order) and customized purchases, there is no production time. They are ready to go as soon as the items get packed and dispatched for shipping
+ designer’s therapeutic benefit – I get to decide what I want to make, anytime I feel like it. I choose the colors, and tweak the design anyway I want. This is quite an important process for any designer, we need to get to do exactly what we like sometime, to feel in control again, and indulge myself in the most delightful mood once in a while. When I am emotively and cognitively balanced, I am more likely to be able to ‘invite’ new inspirations.

collage of "ready made dolls" - incomplete

These are the current RM dolls available. Most of them are remakes, some are original sets at the point of design.

collage of cozies

Cozies in ready-made category.

collage of happy coasters

Multi-colored coasters – Happy Coasters.

There are too much going on in my life right now. Crocheting has always been a good ‘therapy’ to help me rough it out. Colors therapy is another great option to help bring up the mood. It works for me all the time. Colors combination is selected in the traditional fashion – colors written on small pieces of paper, tossed in a bowl, pick the combination from the bowl blindfolded, and then follow the exact sequence as picked.

I am not stocking up the Bouquet cotton yarn, but if you are interested in ordering them in bulk as wedding/party favors, drop me an email to discuss further. Minimum bulk order – 50 sets or 100 pieces; Order above 100 sets/ 200 pieces, I will throw in customized fabric labels weaved in your names/customized text to be sewn at the back of the coaster.

collage of baby shoes

More shoes coming up, I just need more time. Some RM booties (photos not ready) are made with different materials such as wool.

Things to note:
+ No backorder – some products are made with discontinued supplies, so they are only available in mostly 1 unit of each design.
+ Cancelation/amendment of order – we will cancel and/or amend your order accordingly at our discretion, if you have ‘backordered’ the RM product. (You will be prompted with an alert in your shopping cart when you have added more than what we could supply) Partial/full refund will be made to you via your chosen payment mode.

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