crocheted flash drive cozy

customized flash drive cozy

Although I rarely get out of the apartment at all these days, I remember those days when I used to carry the tiny cute little flash drive around in my usually large bag.

customized flash drive cozy

It was really nerve-wrecking though, when the boss threw staggering stares while impatiently waiting for me to fish out the flash drive from the bag. Some days, I would imagine that the flash drive was playing hide-and-seek with me; or come up with a conspiracy theory that my boss would be actively participative of.

Now, I carry thin flat portable HDD when I travel.

This flash drive cozy is customized as per request. Basing on the similar design of the lip balm cosy, I had it shaped in rectangular base instead of the usual round base.

The flash drive cozy is available in the shop, as customized listing (since flash drive comes in different sizes and perhaps shapes):
+ customized flash drive cozy

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