crochet baby booties

baby booties collage

I have been really busy, with this, and with that, and everything in between, you know what I mean?

The yarns are selling quickly, and please remember not to order more than the ‘numbers’ indicated. I don’t run sale on yarns frequently, it’s your last chance to grab the classic and deluxe yarns at extra discounted price (on top of the already discounted price).

Meanwhile, I am trying to finish several orders before getting started with new doll designs and booties designs. I managed to get out of the apartment yesterday, to do up some papers at the law firm, catch “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and spent hours hunting for the perfect mouse  – logitech performance mouse M950 – to replace my scroll-dead Razer for Mac Pro-click (which is discontinued).

I also managed to grab some supplies that I would need for the new designs. I even bought some containers, as my sewing box is broken, and a small basket to contain yarns and materials (I am bagging the materials in plastic bags for different orders now. Basket should work better).

Although a lot has been accomplished yesterday, there is a mixed feelings of guilt and joy. I have not been out for nearly 2 months, so whenever I get to go out, I try to max out the day in getting as much things done as possible. Even though, Mike, my husband has been extremely helpful with running errands and getting stuffs for me on daily basis, there are just things that I need to get them myself.

I am really happy that I get the most out of the day out. At the same time, I feel guilty of spending a day not working. I know, I am a hard core workaholic. =(

I am contemplating in buying the Twilight books (I know I am very slow in trend; I only get to it when it’s at the sunset phase…) but I still have a few books untouched – the nearly full collection of Jane Austen’s books, and some others.

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