joe & shannon wedding dolls – royal wedding

joe and shannon - royal wedding

On this day, the bride is the princess; the groom is the prince.

All guests who attend and give their blessings to this loving couple are treated as royalties.

shannon, royal wedding
joe - royal wedding

Walking down the aisle is nerve-wrecking, but also the moment of greatest pride and joy. I walked down the aisle, not on my wedding, but it was honestly the most moving moment when the bride walked through the door while the groom’s eyes glued on her, glazing with near-to-tears joy in his eyes.

I was nervous because I was the maid of honor and I was – and still am – not used to have all eyes on me! Most importantly, I was praying hard that my usual clumsy self would not show.

joe and shannon - royal wedding

joe and shannon - royal wedding

For many of us, the process may be somewhat surreal, and moved very quickly. Perhaps it’s not everyday that we feel ourselves in cloud nine, hence the sense of surrealism. Things started to feel more clear and concrete when we are finally ‘now man and wife’.

My DSLR is finally discharged from the ‘hospital’. It is diagnosed with terminal disease and cannot be treated. Organ transplant is required, but not quite justified. The ‘doctor’ has done his best in calibrating the colors and do whatever it takes to at least restore the minimum functions. Ultimately, a replacement is advised.

I tried to retake the wedding dolls with different backgrounds and camera settings. I am glad that although the ‘purple staining’ is still present in some of the photos when I use the zoom function, and under strong contrasting lighting, there are still shots that can be used. Until I am able to get a new DSLR, I guess I will just need to take more shots per layout just to be sure.

I found this royal blue runner that we bought during one of our travel trips – to Siam Reap, Cambodia. Isn’t it perfect?

“Joe and Shannon” has been very well received since the launch. Thank you, I will be lauching a new collection soon (like.. tomorrow), and I hope you like it too.

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