jaja, the amigurumi huggable ninja

jaja, the huggable ninja

This little baby is going to melt many hearts, I know, because I am the first ‘victim’!

I wish I am more creative with names, but I guess it’s a good thing that I constrict my limited creative juice to coming up with new designs and ideas; if there is any extra, I might just have better names next time. I have a feeling that JaJa is just perfect for this cutie pie though.

I imagined that he is a highly skilled ninja. He is vigilant at all times, and practices his secret ninja skills constantly.

He has already mastered the ultimate level of “Killer Laser Stare”. With just one glance of the Killer Stare, the rock is breaking into pieces from within, literally!

jaja, the huggable ninja

Although rated as one of the highest skilled ninja in the region, JaJa remembers and heeds the wise advise of his grand master, ‘Behind a tall mountain; there is always a taller mountain’. Bearing these precious words in mind, he is not conceited and complacent, but constantly learning new skills.

He has mastered the “Shadowless Punch” and passed the ‘exam’ with flying colors.

jaja, the huggable ninja

JaJa lives in a secluded area up in the high mountain, in order to conceal his identity and whereabout from his enemies. Nonetheless, he is very updated with the current affairs, and the entertainment world. Once he watched an illusionist lifted an object without getting in touch with it, he is fascinated and determined to develop the “Shadowless Lift”. He even won himself the title of “Most Innovative Ninja” of the century!

jaja, the huggable ninja

He may be well learned, but he is still a young ninja. Like any teenager, he has an idol – Superman! After umpteen times of attempts to locate Superman,he has finally fulfilled his wish when he met Superman by chance during a rescue mission. Superman has imparted Jaja with the ‘X-ray Vision’ ability.

jaja, the huggable ninja

Rumor has it that he doesn’t sleep at all; and sneaks around without getting noticed. Don’t even think about sneaking up on him, he always knows!

JaJa is the first doll in our new Huggables Collection. Mike, my husband has been urging me to make our plush meow a companion to play with. (as if it’s not enough to have a big kid like myself to play with the plush?) It took me a long while to finally realize this because the ‘time is not ripe’ yet. It has got to be the perfect timing, perfect mood, perfect creative frame. I am glad I waited, JaJa is my perfect first huggable.

[meow] at balcony

JaJa is made differently from my other collections, because of the end result. I wanted him to be nice to hold, and posses the flexibility to ‘display’ some different expression with the body language. It may not be easily comprehended, but every doll has a magical power to be uncovered upon a child, or a big kid, like myself.

Always believe that when a child plays with his/her favorite toy, the toy carries a special compartment of this child’s happy and special memory.

JaJa is presently available in pattern and finished doll only. Kit is not available due to shortage of materials to be supplied in a kit.

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+ Jaja, the huggable ninja

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