happy coasters – restocked

coasters - restocked

Most of these happy coasters are made with the first batch of coasters which have been listing in the shop, but weaving in ends and sewing the labels take more time and skin (I almost always break my skin on the finger as the needle back rubbed on the same spot – which is not in contact with the product – as I sew and formed blister or simply piercing through the skin).

Included in the restocks are 6 new coasters with frilly edge.

My husband saw me working on these coasters on Saturday, and asked, “I thought you were working on another large project?”.

I gave him a sad face. By the “other” project, he didn’t realize that it’s actually ‘projects’.

New Huggables design: head completed
New Dolls design – head completed, figuring out the other parts
New large project – probabaly 25% completed

It is unlike me to start something and cast it aside and start another. I have attempted to explain to friends about the reason why I am unable to chat on the phone, or do instant chat, because it is very interruptive to the creative momentum. Unfortunately, not many friends could fully comprehend my need, and I ended up with a bunch of angry friends. (so be it, I am tired of explaining)

When I started with my new huggable design, the flow was interrupted by the need to make arrangement with one of the government sectors for signing of undertaking paper, and it is not as easily and swiftly accomplished.

Then, I left the materials in the basket, and worked on the doll design instead, and was sucked into the tornado of conflict resolution, so this went into another basket too.

Anyhow, this is a year of interferences  for me, but I am confident that I will get them all done, slowly and surely.

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