blissful wedding blanket – made from the heart

blissful blanket/throw with symbolic meaning

I am a story-woman, and I will always be. Stuffs are just merely stuffs, unless made from the heart, with symbolic meanings.

Once, I was asked by a friend, ‘Do you always have to have a meaning for everything?’. Yes, I do, I believe in one life time, and this is the only life time I am going to live, and I want to live it fully, purposefully, with good meanings.

blissful blanket/throw with symbolic meaning

This blissful wedding blanket/throw carries an auspicious symbolic meaning. Marriage is a milestone in life, and I will only give my sincerest blessings, not because I am expected to, but because I truly wish for it.

This blissful blanket is carefully and immaculately calculated (and of course, it may have taken triple more time than any other person to easily complete this task, but numbers are not too friendly with me, remember?) to ensure no mistakes at all.

I had envisioned the finished project to consist of 99 patches of the granny squares.

“99” is probably the most auspicious number to be integrated in a wedding gift project as it has a significant symbolic meaning.

“99” in Mandarin means ‘Long Long’ (literally). It signifies the well meaning of ‘Ever-lasting; Long-lasting; Never-ending’. Like a fairy tale, it’s happily ever after.

blissful blanket/throw with symbolic meaning

Since I know the bride-to-be personally, I selected colors that I feel fits the bride’s bright personality. Like an energizer bunny, she is full of life and vibrance. It is nearly impossible not to rub off her cheerfulness when you are near her.

Arranged randomly, the colorful patches are joined with a more subtle yellow shade. It takes more work to have different color combinations, but it is important for me to highlight the significance of the colors. The many colors signify endless surprises of abundance of joy, happiness, and perks!

One connected to another, it signifies countless happy moments, every day, every hour, every second, into this new journey together as one.

blissful blanket/throw with symbolic meaning

Everything about this blanket is about ever-lasting love. The blanket is finally completed after months, with a handmade label embroidered with the couple’s initials.

This is the new beginning of another fairy tale.

Why the blanket? I love the movie ‘Proposal’ and noticed the ‘good luck’ blanket. I also noticed in several other movies such as ‘Twilight’ and others whereby hand-crocheted throws (particularly granny squares) are used to emphasize coziness, and homeliness.

I was one of the fortunate people amongst the bride’s friends to get to know about the wedding details as early as even before the marriage proposal took place! Since, I have been planning the ‘perfect’ gift. I started to ask my American and German friends about Granny Squares blanket.

It seems like an unofficial tradition for the mothers or eldest sisters at home to make granny squares blanket as wedding gifts. (or gifts for children/siblings who are old enough to leave home) I inquired further the meaning of it, and the replies are varied. The only common reply is that usually only the family members or very good friends make this because it is extremely time-consuming (tell me about it!!!) and it is probably cheaper to just get a gift off the shelf.

The idea of spending a large amount of time – where time equates to money in today’s context – fully satisfy the desire to process and integrate the sincerest and heartfelt emotions/blessings you have for the intended recipient.

Indeed, this project would require approximately 32 balls of yarns, and plenty of time and some air-conditioner (it’s not very comfortable to work with piles of warm granny squares in our weather!). I always weave in ends, because I find that more lasting and secured. Weaving ends for 99 squares is equally time consuming as making the 99 squares!

If you plan to make this project, plan ahead. I have been crocheting forever, and I crochet quite quickly. If you have a busy schedule like myself, and could only work the project in your personal time in the evenings, it may take 3-4 months of evenings to complete this – depending on how many hours per evening to set aside for this.

I am very satisfied with the end result – better than what I had visualized.

Singapore is a small country, large city. Most of us are constantly too busy. Most of our mothers and sisters don’t crochet, or knit, if they even know the difference, that is.

With this blanket, I wish the couple a blessed marriage. One that is warmed with love and joy, forever.

treasured throw

Singapore’s weather is normally humid; some months can be notoriously, unbearably humid and irritable. Acrylic yarns are great for us, as compared to other natural fibers. Acrylic yarns are more mold resistance, thus survive better in our weather.

I have been making granny squares throws/blanket since I was 10 years old (or younger, I learnt to crochet at aged 8, and granny square was one of the earliest projects that I attempted). I had made numerous projects for the people I cared a lot for, such as my last grandpa, my god-parents, and my mum.

We have a few granny squares throw at home, and the red and white one was specially made for Christmas and Lunar New Year which are usually less than 2 months apart. That must have been more than 15 years now! We moved this from the old place, and we have stayed here for more than 10 years now. It still look amazingly ‘fresh’ and new! Mum stored away the ‘treasured’ throw, and only use them on special occasions. 🙂

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