teeny ninja on etsy’s front page

teeny ninja on etsy's front page

Our baby ninja is included in a beautiful treasury curated by knotworkshop, and featured on etsy’s front page.

I have been strapped to the chair and scooting in and out of the store room since morning, and the basket of partially done new doll design is still exactly where it was in the morning.

That said, I am not sorry to be featured – for obvious reasons! – and the sudden surge of convos and orders busied my busy Wednesday. Wednesday is scheduled for regular housework, so my working hours are stretched and pushed.

It’s a rainy rainy Wednesday here in Singapore, I hope the weather’s great at where you are, if you are not located in Singapore!

Product information:

+ Teeny Ninja on etsy

This cutie pie is kept as an exclusive design for finished doll; it’s not available in pattern or kits (Roja Ninja, on the other hand, is available in pattern, kit, and finished product)

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