torgri tortoise enjoying the slow pace

torgri amigurumi tortoise

Soon, this combination would step into the history, unless the ‘navy green’ is made available in the Deluxe series. (this green shade will be discontinued once sold out) This is the original color combination I had chosen to design and make the tortoise, and although I have made the tortoise in many other color variations, by far, this is still the favorite combination for most buyers.

torgri amigurumi tortoise

Tortoise, being tortoise, little TorGri does best with slow walks – no kidding, by slow, I mean really extremely slow – and sniffing the flowers.

Work schedule is extremely tight for me at present, and I try to schedule doll-making slots more closely so that I could finish more dolls in a day. It may be a little hectic and frenzy crazy right now, but I know I will be fine, because in less than a month away, I will be taking slow walks and sniffing flowers (or food) on my more than a week holiday!

Product reference:

+ torgri amigurumi doll

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