more teru teru bozu – weather doll

teru teru bozu - duo

So, I managed to take a photo of the large and small teru teru bozu dolls after all. Cyndi has ordered this pair, so it gives me an opportunity to make another large teru teru bozu and take this photo.

teru teru bozu - small eyes

This is a customized order to have the small teru teru bozu doll made in white, and with smaller eyes, complete with a sweet pink stain ribbon.

#note that the 6mm black eyes are completely sold out, so are some other supplies; many other craft eyes are running low in stock too. I am so sorry about this, but the new shipment won’t be in until at least after I return from my vacation.

teru teru bozu - small eyes

Product reference:

+ teru teru bozu in pattern, doll, and kit

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