wawa, the sleeping baby monster

wawa, the huggable sleeping baby monster

“WaWa” is the sleeping baby monster, newly added to our “huggables” series.

wawa, the huggable sleeping baby monster

This took me too long to complete. It was supposed to be completed more than a month ago, amongst other partially done projects.

wawa, the huggable sleeping baby monster

This baby monster sits at approximately 18.5cm (7.3″) tall. This unit is made with Paume Organic yarn, and as the series suggests, it’s huggable!

wawa & meow meow

The baby monster is actually larger than my meow meow plush.

wawa & meow meow

I doubt they get along well, after all, all WaWa does is sleep.

This baby monster is just perfect for Halloween, or as stocking stuffer.

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+ WaWa, the huggable sleeping baby monster
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