some quick updates

So, I could only manage a quickie update here.

Some best selling supplies are restocked and updated.

1. black safety eyes 6mm

2. black safety eyes 9mm

3. black safety eyes 12mm

4. black safety eyes 18mm (NEW!)

5. clear safety eyes 15mm

6. clear safety eyes 18mm

7. blue safety  eyes 9mm

8. black triangle nose 9mm

9. deluxe acrylic yarns (UPDATED AND 2 NEW COLORS ADDED)

+ new listing of 40 balls added for your purchase – deluxe yarns are manufactured and packed fuller than the classics, even though the unit weight stated is 40gm/ball. 40 balls per package is the most cost effective for shipping, to enjoy the better rates of not exceeding 2kgs per package. Any heavier, the package must be handled by courier service which cost much more.

10. tulip etimo cushion grip crochet hook size 1.5mm and 1.75mm (NEW BUT LEFT WITH 1 UNIT EACH!)

+ rave reviews on the Etimo series, and the material – elastomer – is said to resist stickiness that is commonly developed in rubberized material.

+ if you are looking for other sizes, please contact me via the contact form to inquire and indent. The next shipment is estimated to be mid-end November.


These supplies are not fully restocked as some are reserved stocks, and some supplies are still sold out as I needed to bring in this shipment quickly for pending orders, so I can’t wait for the manufacture lead time.


Price of the kits will be revised (upwards) as the present prices are based on the classic yarns. Classic yarns are clearing out fast and many most commonly used colors are no longer available in classic series. As I need to recalculate the costs, which is taking much longer than planned due to numerous interruption caused by new bulk orders and single orders, you may NOW grab them while they are still priced at the lower prices. A newsletter/announcement will be made officially when the prices are revised.

In addition, please note that the colors of the yarns in the kit may be replaced with similar shade if the original shade used on the pattern is obsolete.


I know, I just came back from my birthday vacation, and I don’t even have time to blog up my vacation yet.

Then again, it can never too many when it comes to vacation, can it? I have updated the vacation notice:

+ late Jan (2 weeks vacation) – please plan way ahead if you wish to receive your orders before the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, as I will be away.

+ early May (1.5 weeks vacation)


To be exact, it’s pre & post-birthday madness topped with pre-holidays + pre-year end madness.

My schedule from next week (08 Nov) to mid November is blocked out for bulk orders, so (again) please plan ahead for Christmas.

I am sorry for this long post, I am trying to cover as much as I could in this update.

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