wedding dolls and the entourage

happy together

This lot is ordered by a repeat customer who has purchased a pair of wedding dolls for her wedding last year. She is ordering on behalf of a friend who is getting married soon.

blissful 'together'

I am sure they have something in plan to use these 2 pairs of wedding couple, but when I placed them together for a photography session, a sweet happily-ever-after story sprung up into my sleeping brain.

Here goes:

The handsome twin brothers fall in love with the gorgeous twin sisters. They plan their wedding date together, and the process is nothing but bouts of laughter and fun. On this beautiful day, when all angels descend to sing them the tunes of love and the entourage of friends from the wild and sea come to celebrate the joy of love.

Surrounded by the sincere blessings and the love of their lives, they live happily ever after.

the hippo triplets

Of course, the triplet hippopotamus’s band is a runaway success and they tour around the world to perform since.

rebbie amigurumi crab

While Rebbie the auspicious crab stayed in the love pond to share the story with the visitors.

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+ wedding dolls

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  1. Jerlyn
    November 23, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    Hi, Do u have available stocks or are you able to make one for me by this Sunday? My cousin is getting married on Sunday so would be quite rush. Appreciate if you could assist. Thanks!

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