joshua & jenni wedding dolls

joshua and jenni wedding dolls

The story…
Joshua and Jenni were childhood sweethearts. They grew up together in a small town, whereby everyone knows everyone.

Since they were babies, their moms who are BFF met up regularly for afternoon tea with the babies in their arms; and when they were toddlers, they were allowed to play on their own. One fateful day, the kiddos decided to play ‘Groom and Bride’ and Joshua played as the groom, and Jenni as the bride. Although only 5 years old, they were certain that they will be each other’s happily married ever after.

This day, everybody gathered at a lavishly decorated garden, and witnessed the fairy take came alive! They are now “man and wife” and with the blessings of the entire village, they know for certain that they will live happily ever after.

“Joshua & Jenni” is the downsized version of “Joe & Shannon”, except for some tweaks on the hairstyle, and some small details.

This pair is also slightly taller than our well loved “Dilian & Mayee” wedding dolls, as I have made Joshua ‘stand’ in a more proper position, and he looks better with a more proportional height.

This pair of wedding couple design is available in pattern, kit and finished toys.

Product references:

+ Joshua & Jenni

+ Joe & Shannon

+ Braden & Claire

+ Dilian & Mayee

The ‘Inspiration’…

I was planning to work on another pair of wedding dolls – yes, you heard it here, there are others in sketch, but I have to wait for some new supplies — yes, you heard me right, new supplies too! – but I had limited time to work with anything new at all since I returned from my birthday holiday, so I had to grab any tiniest window of time to whip up the new design with whatever supplies I have on hands.

Since the launch of “Joe & Shannon”, I have received countless of email requests for the small version. I know, you asked, and you may not always get it, for one reason or another, but believe me, I always keep in mind of the requests, and do my best in accommodating to as many of them as possible.

So, this is perfect, since I had finally finished all the orders for Christmas – and so I thought – so I began working on “Joshua & Jenni”.

Jenni’s hairstyle is really my childhood desire. Almost all girls, at some point in their lives, imagined themselves in their wedding, and the small details that mattered to them. I had imagined that I would have really long hair and plait it to coil around my head, just like Jenni’s. I had imagined that I would have floral hair decorations, just like a fairy taley blurry glowy backdrop.

Alas, I didn’t have such long hair to do any of it. In addition, just as I imagined, I did my own makeup and hair on my wedding – any of my BFFs would know that I would never allow anyone to do my makeup on the big day – so I had to go with a simpler hairstyle that I could manage on my own. I had my dresser cut out a nice piece of veil without much finishing. I sewn a strip of diamonte onto one end of the veil and attached it to the clip-on barrette. I was really pleased with the finished veil.

NSW 1557

I don’t fancy too much hassle and really don’t want to fuss over too much wedding details. I’ve always believed that we achieve more by doing less; by keeping things simple and sweet, we get more time and space to appreciate everything and anything that goes in between. So, I wore my own veil, and telephoned the boy to come up to the apartment to collect me, no gate-crashing, no teasing, no bridesmaids – just a happy quirky bride!

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