customization guide for amigurumi toys

Year end is crazy, so am I.

This is probably not the best time to make major changes, yet it is exactly the time of the year when inventory goes hay wire crazily messy!

One thing leading to another, I was ‘forced’ to make some quick changes to the shop listings for customization instruction. In case you have not noticed, I have approximately 80 designs for the amigurumi toys alone, and easily over 150 listings for products that offer colors customization service, so editing the listings individually is not an easy task.


+ Yarns: As you might have noticed, the classic acrylic yarns series is completely sold out and discontinued, in view of that, I have created a customization guide page which will be updated with any yarn chart, and eye chart links. Eventually, the individual listing will no longer be displaying the yarn/eyes chart links.

+ Project kits: Many of our earlier designs are made with the classic acrylic yarns which are now discontinued. All kits will be packed with deluxe yarns from now, and if the default colors are not available, we will replace with a shade from Deluxe yarn that is closet to the default colors.

+ Price change: Due to the price difference in classic and deluxe yarns, the prices for the project kits WILL be adjusted with increment from 20-30%. It was announced earlier in our facebook fan page that the change was estimated to complete by end of Nov 2010, but as soon as the announcement was made, the sudden surge in orders made it impossible to fulfill the change in time. The change is imminent, and should complete by mid Jan 2011 before my anniversary vacation.

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