tips – safety eyes with plastic washer

I hope you are enjoying 2011. Fine, it’s just the 2nd day of 2011 here in Singapore, but I am already confident that this is going to be a smashingly great year!

I don’t believe in resolution. I plan ahead, execute the plans, and the cycle repeats.

First off, I have brought in some new craft supplies which have been sitting at one corner of the home office for nearly a month now, exactly the way it was delivered. Like anyone else, year end is a mad rush of everything, and anything, from work to home, and from home to work, if there is even an distinct segmentation at all, for me.

The new supplies are not listed in the shop yet, so this is really just a quick sneak into what’s in store soon.

+ safety eyes

[new 6mm black eyes]

+ flatter than the existing stock – perfect for people series

+ will only be available in bulk purchase of 100s (50 pairs) when launched – at present, the 6mm black eyes are sold in pack of 40s (20 pairs)

[oval black eyes]

+ new size – 7mm

+ flatter, giving a non-protruding visual

+ perfect for people series to give a softer and cuter expression

[heart shaped noses]

+ new small size

+ perfect for animal series

+ perfect for crafters who really really hate sewing the nose

I just have some loose ends to tie up and the new supplies will be listed up – hopefully before I leave for my anniversary vacation.

I know how you might hate using the small eyes that complete with equally small plastic washers. Believe me, I really understand the literal pain to the finger; I make toys in tens at times, and the pain can be unbearable.

I have recently discovered that by increasing the leverage point to the washer, installing the small eyes may be less painful. So, I am sharing this experience with you on the website at “safety eyes installation – plastic washer“. This is a separate demonstration guide from the previous one that demonstrate installation of eyes with metal washer.

As independent designer, I fund my business solely and independently, so I want to watch my expenditure closely. This guide doesn’t involve expensive tools to be used.

With an inexpensive hardware parts – metal washer, we could increase the leverage in pushing the plastic washer of the safety eyes with lesser effort. Simply place the metal washer (the center hole of the metal washer ought to be wide enough to go through the shank of the eyes; yet not too wide to create too much mobility) over the plastic washer, and with your thumb holding the eyes as support, push the plastic washer down with the metal washer on top of it.

Feel free to improvise on this. If you are able to source for a rectangular longer metal plate with a hole in the center, it might work better since that may create more ‘space’ and leverage.

I don’t sell the metal washer, I found that in my home improvements tool box; it should be easily available from any hardware store.

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