teru teru bozu cell charm

mini teru teru bozu cell charm

mini teru teru bozu cell charm

mini teru teru bozu cell charm

Jessica contacted me before the new year. She asked if the small teru teru bozu could be further downsized to be used as a smaller cell charm.

I was confident that I could downsize it from the original 3.5″ to 2″, but I wanted to be sure that it will turn out nicely, so I didn’t promise anything until I am able to work on it.

I threw out the first trial, as it turned out slightly larger than 2″, and am glad that the final product turns out rather well. Mike asked for one already.

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A little side information, remotely related to this post:

Some fengshui experts take serious interest in cell phones, or any phones. Accordingly, cell phone is a strong energy power station. Each time you accepts a call, or make a call out, the cell phone transmits and broadcasts massive energy. So, it is only logical that we carry good meaning cell charm, as the energy is broadcasted; it also means that the cell phone numbers should total up to auspicious combination.

In this sense, if we have a number combination that is inauspicious, the energy is multiplied. It may explain why some businessmen are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to bid for super auspicious numbers.

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