have an auspicious and prosperous year of rabbit!

gong xi fa cai - auspciously lunar new year dolls

If you have been following us on our craftblog, facebook fan page, twitter, and anywhere you could grab news of us, you would know that I have just officially closed orders accepting for products that need to be handmade. All my time slots (that includes my personal time on weekends, and cutting back on rest and sleep time) are fully taken up for orders, therefore I have to bring forward the cut-off time for orders to be shipped in time before I leave for vacation.

gong xi fa cai - auspciously lunar new year dolls

This pair of Gong Xi Fa Cai auspicious dolls is a design I did last year, before I leave for the anniversary trip (I know, it’s a little of the deja vu there), and similarly, I didn’t have enough time to promote them, even though many of you managed to grab a copy of the pattern and even the kits.

When I returned from my holiday, I received not less than 10 emails of ‘complaints’ that the cut-off time was too soon before they could place orders for the finished products of this pair of Chinese dolls.

So, I decided to offer more variations, but still basing on the same design, so that customers could order the finished products in variations.

My sincerest apologies that I am so caught up with work and continuous flow of orders since my return from October vacation, I couldn’t open up enough time slot to see this through.

gong xi fa cai - auspciously lunar new year dolls

Nonetheless, they are here to spread auspicious blessings!

gong xi fa cai - auspciously lunar new year dolls

This might just be the last few posts, if not last post, before I leave town. So, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support; without that support, saplanet originals™ would not be able to stay afloat. May I wish you a bountifully prosperous and joyous year ahead, in this Year of Rabbit!


If you are not amongst those who have placed orders before last week, for this pair of Chinese dolls, they won’t be able to make it to your homes/intended recipients’ homes if you order now.

However, please place your other orders now, if you wish to be amongst the earliest orders to be made when I return on 14 Feb. At present, still counting, there are at last 5 toys to be made ahead of yours, if your order is the next to come in.

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+ auspicious chinese dolls by saplanet originals™

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