nicholas & rachael wedding dolls

nicholas & rachael wedding dolls

Rachael is based on ‘Mayee’ from our original wedding dolls (small), but Rachael is the larger version, and she has the most demure and beautiful eyes.

nicholas & rachael wedding dolls

Amongst all the hairstyles, the original 2 pig’s tails style is still reigning the highest in popularity ranking.

I guess, the ‘happily ever after fairy tale’ kind of love is rooted back from the days of the innocence. Probably as early as 5 years old, girls, including myself, believe that some day, somehow, we will somewhat meet our Prince Charming, the one who will bring us a lifetime of happiness and love.

At the time when we were cultivating the most romantic dreams, we were probably wearing 2 pig’s tails and looking at our cutest.

Most of the brides who ordered the wedding couple from me, do not prefer to have a the dolls resembling them, but to mirror their wishes, those that they created since they were children, and they carry through the growing up stage, till now, they have finally found the life partner who will share the similar fairy tale.

nicholas & rachael wedding dolls

Even though the bride is the shiny star on this special day, a bride always wears a humble and shy look on her face. By containing the greatest joy and happiness, she will glow intrinsically. Almost like a perfect dream, she is deeply grateful for the blessings.

joe & shannon wedding dolls

I am running out of time again, so I will have to send these 2 pairs of wedding dolls out first, as the customer needs these before the Lunar New Year, and she is nice to allow me ample time to work on her other orders after I return from holiday.

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